Time for Change - Moving Truck is Almost Empty!!

As most of us know from experience, sometimes change can be good and some changes are harder than others. I moved into a smaller home this week to account for the financial changes that come along with starting a new business.

I had a corporate job where I made very good money and had a big house and all that stuff, but I ignored my dream for years doing this. Chasing my dream of being an actor is harder than it appears to be in some aspects (specifically financially) - but I wouldn't change what I'm doing in any way. Also, I don't think that there are too many dreams that just makes you a bunch of money immediately.

In fact, becoming an actor is just like starting a business. It takes time and dedication to build your brand and knowledge to help you grow. You need to build your skills, a network of people that can trust you to do the work they need done just like any other business. I'm really happy that I'm chasing my dreams and know that I chose the right time to make this change in my life. Follow your dreams, stay the course and Make It Happen!!

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