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Spider-Man and the Monsters of Manhatten

What a great project to be a part of. So I thought I'd share the process that I've gone through for this one. Did a Skype audition back in July with 2 of the Producers for this one. You could tell that they had thought through a lot for this project. While these guys are younger, they definitely had a plan of attack to make this project happen.

Advance to the past 2 weeks or so and my character was brought in for multiple scenes. This was a fun shoot for me because I start as a kind of jerky politician (I think I aged well in the photos below) but something seems to affect me (can't give too much away). I trekked up to Boston, MA for filming and what a wonderful cast and crew to get to work with. Watching some of the stunt work left me in awe, they were all incredible at what they did and made sure that no one was injured during the process.

Hats off to everyone for a job well done!! I look forward to seeing how and sharing

this turns out once completed!!

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