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Fun Short Film to be a part of!!

What a great short film to be a part of. This film called The Plot will surely be a fun one to watch once it's been completed. Since one of my goals is to do more legit work (for those that don't know, this means film and tv work) vs. just doing commercial / industrial type of work (which I absolutely enjoy) I was honored to be cast in another short film this fall season.

This was such a fun cast and crew to work with. While most short films only shoot for a couple of days, it's still amazing the work that people put into each one of these. Each person really dove into their characters and we certainly had a fun time shooting. Can't wait to share this and I hope that the industry continues to open up to allow me to take on some new roles as well.

The nice thing about film & tv work is that you get to go outside of your normal comfort zone and try new roles and new characters. I enjoy this as it allows me to learn and grow as an actor. Look for more film work from me as I continue my journey as an actor!!

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