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Fun commercial shoot with my son Ethan

It doesn't get much better than when you get to work with you son. I have now had the honor to work with my son Ethan on 2 different projects. When you look at him you can see that he looks good on camera, but kind of fun to see him sitting in the director's chair for a moment too - kind of makes you wonder if he ends up behind the camera in the future.

To know his personality at his age is simply amazing. I wish that I was that comfortable when I was 30, let alone his age. I do know that now I truly love being on camera and have fought past my years of being shy when I was younger thanks to the life experiences I have now. Even if your dreams are scary to you now, don't let them go. Keep them inside and when your time is right, go for it with all you've got. You'll be glad you went after them!!

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